Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eric Hacked In

How long has it been? We lost our password to this thing, and Eric finally hacked the code. Even though Eric would love for me to be a blogger, I am not really good at it, I am not techy or creative. But I can write. So I guess I will be the poster and he will be the designer.
Large updates, Eric and I are expecting our first little girl in the beginning of June. Even though we are super excited, this whole baby thing stresses me out. First of all I feel like I have been pregnant forever! I still have 4 months to go well maybe we are almost down to 3. Second of all, this whole finding things for your nursery and baby things are so stressful. Eric and I have been scoping the internet trying to find bedding for our nursery. Of course the colors I would love to use, are impossible to find, so some say custom make it. But who wants to pay over $300 for bedding!? Lavender and Grey more contemporary with no flowers or butterflies just designs. Impossible to find, I am so over looking for bedding sheets I just don't care anymore.
I am a nurse and a hospital is not a place to be pregnant. I am just realizing how scary hospitals can be on a growing fetus. I had a scare yesterday, two of my patients came back from a nuclear stress test ( quick lesson.. they are injected with a radioactive isotope), and one of my patient's was freaking out. He knew I was pregnant, and he knew that he was radioactive. A sweet man, made such a big deal to the point where he wouldn't even let me get close to him. He stated, " I am a hypochondriac, that's why I know so much about medicine, that I schooled my oldest son in it."  So it got me inquiring, and sure enough I am not suppose to be around these types of patients due to the radiation exposure. Great! I was around two of them all day, and probably countless patients before them.
Did I mention being a nurse and being a pregnant nurse is no fun! 12 hour shifts wear you out, I always am ready for a nap around 10, 2, and 4. Eric wonders why I am so exhausted when I get home, after pulling patients up, cleaning them from their own waste, doctors ordering things to be done right away it wears me out. Oh and I am still trying to work as much overtime as I did before pregnancy. That will be stopping two months prior to delivery.
Enough about me... Eric, Eric is still commuting to school 5 days a week and working for the apple store. He will hopefully be finishing school this summer. He enjoys playing video games, he plays them as much as he can.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

School has begun

It's only the 3rd week of school and I am feeling like it should be almost done. I am finishing up my last semester of Nursing school. On top of all the papers I have to do, and all the studying and test I am also applying for my BSN. I have submitted my application to ASU, and then I am thinking about the U of U, CSU san marcos, fullerton, dominguez hills, the list is endless and the writing for these applications seem endless. But 14 weeks and counting I will be a RN.
Eric on the other hand is busy trying to figure out physics, Calculus 1B, Economics, Accounting 1B. We never see each other. He is always at MESA club and I at home with my head stuck in a book. Eric ran for MESA club president but lost to a guy that gives him the creeps (because he doesn't wash his feet and always wears sandles). In about three weeks Eric will be leaving for UC Davis for a premedical conference. Which I am really excited about. He will finally stop asking me how to get into medical school and know some answers.
We got an Alaskan Cruise brochure in the mail and now were all about going to Alaska. I finally got my passport so we are good to go. It's about time we travel the world. We just got to find people to go... Any takers?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Eric and I decided that we needed a break from the desert. So we headed to Arizona to visit our friends Joel and Kasey Ingram. We are enjoying the hospitality of our friends, playing games all night. Eric especially loves the cookies (even if there is more salt then required). We will be returning home on sunday to start school all over again. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our First Blog

I figured this would be the best way for those who care about us to get a better feel on what is going on in Mine and Eric's life. It's school, school and more school. Today I started a new rotation in Labor and Delivery. No more cancer patient's now its pregnant women, and babies. I saw a vaginal birth today one word ouch! It made me not want kids. I was stationed in the nursery not much going on in the afternoon. I loved the nurse that I was with she was awesome. I can never understand why school requires us to be in the hospital all night and then get up the very next day and be there at 0645. I will be in the nursery all day tomorrow and you know what I l enjoy being around babies more than old people. I am taking a toll what kind of nurse should I be when I get done in December?
   Eric is doing school taking four classes and doing well. which I am very happy about, finally. He thinks that he has a direction with school that will end in the medical field. A long road ahead for him. He is thinking radiology. So you doctor's out there advice would be greatly appreciated. Eric is being very patient with me and my study regime. He is itching to leave town and visit his friends in Utah and Arizona. Unfortunately having a test every other week keeps  me locked in my room with my heads in the books.